DICE205 as a Salesforce Partner

In 2019, DICE205 became a Salesforce Consulting Partner to further support our aim of delivering personalized digital solutions for our clients. Banking on our Software Development and Digital Marketing expertise, the Salesforce Platform is a perfect tool for us to reinforce our projects and make them more comprehensive.

DICE205 specializes in Heroku and Marketing Cloud Consulting. Heroku lightens the load for our development team and allows them to focus on building sensible and technically-sound web and mobile applications, and Marketing Cloud helps our Digital Marketers craft custom automated customer journeys and send relevant and valuable content to an extensive amount of customers. Putting this together, we can create the perfect digital strategy for our clients and achieve their individual goals.

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform with apps for marketing, sales, commerce, service, experience, analytics, and more, offering 360 integration, automation, and data synchronization.