Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform is Google's enterprise offering. It leverages on the same infrastructure and expertise for the security, scalability and support that made them a trusted brand globally.
Microsoft Azure
Azure is a leading cloud platform from Microsoft that allows you to build, deploy, test, and manage your applications online.
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading pay-as-you-go service by Amazon which takes up over 30% of the cloud market, providing scalable cloud computing products and services. Expand your reach and upgrade your business securely at a lower cost with Amazon Web Services.
Heroku is a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) that supports multiple languages such as Node.js, Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, Go, Scala, and Clojure. This was acquired, and is now supported, by and is the integration platform of choice for the CRM and Marketing clouds.