Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is an HTML framework optimized for mobile web browsing to help search engines and webpages load faster. It was created by Google and further developed by the AMP Open Source Project.
Users of Apple devices, on the average, spend up to 4x as much per user versus those using other operating systems. The iOS is the platform of choice for brands that want to be at the premium end of the digital market.
Developing on Android™ platform allows you to reach the majority of smartphone users. Powered by Google, this OS is currently used by over 80% of all handsets today.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
A Single Page Application (SPA) is an application made with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS that retains most information but only requires minimal updates instead of reloading a whole page. Enjoy faster page load times and better user experience with SPA.
Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a web application created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that feels and acts like a mobile app. It is supported by todays most popular browsers and can adapt to most new devices and be easily installed anytime, anywhere with only a single codebase.